Michalah Vasilakes

What's the perfect job for someone who graduates with B.As in Communication and Psychology? For me, it's Digital Marketing. Since graduating in 2016, I've learned that no matter where I work or what my title is, I'm drawn to the digital landscape. Having two years of marketing agency experience under my belt, I'm ready to step into a more strategic role that allows me to create and collaborate on new methodologies that are data-driven. In my free time, I like to pet my cat, Maggie and explore local hot spots (no matter their geographic location) with my husband, Noah. We most recently explored some local favorites in Ireland and Greece! I hope you enjoy my featured work below. 

Final Expense Insurance | Recommendations

Final expense insurance is a type of insurance that covers the bills a family will face after a death including all burial expenses and any outstanding debt. The ins and outs of every insurance policy can be tricky. You may have clients asking for your guidance in this type of coverage. So we want to provide important information on why final expense insurance is valuable and how it works, whether to refresh your own understanding or to share with a family who may be inquiring about it.

Customer Spotlight: Half-Peach Bakery | Louisville Label

Half-Peach Bakery & Cafe is a beloved Louisville vegan restaurant with an enchanting story. In short, Sue Zhao grew up in China with aspirations of becoming a doctor. At times, fruits and vegetables were the only items that she could afford. Although she didn’t make it to medical school, Sue has always kept her health-minded habits and passion for sharing her lifestyle with others. Years later, Sue and her daughter Tina decided to embrace a vegan diet, but they didn’t realize at the time how ha

54 Years of the California Craft Beer Movement

While California is internationally known for its wine, the craft and specialty brewing industry in California deserves recognition of its own. Just like California is the national hub for world-class wine, it is also “the birthplace of the American craft brewing movement and at the forefront of the industry’s growth,” according to California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA). They also state that as of January 2019, there are more than 980 craft breweries operating in the state. Local breweries

What Makes More Money Sense: Outsourcing IT Services or Staff Augmentation?

Digitalization in the workplace has the power to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. The shifts around AI, Cloud, Mobility, IoT, 5G, Big Data, and Analytics promise a transformation in the way we all do business — they also require a business’ technology infrastructure to be constantly evolving. How do you keep up? Staffing an in-house IT team to manage the growth can be a costly and disruptive challenge, so we see two paths companies are taking to meet the demands and capture th

IT Costs in 2019 - How businesses are budgeting for IT | ABS

We may not be finance experts, but we do know that IT expenses should be worked into your annual budget. A recent survey, The 2019 State of IT report, was conducted in July 2018 and consists of data collected from 780 business technology buyers from organizations across North America and Europe. The survey details how different sized businesses will be spending their tech budgets this year. The trends reported for 2019 should be encouraging to everyone as they reflect business growth. Below are

Product Labels That Make A Lasting Impression | Louisville Label

Graphic designers don’t make a living by creating pretty pictures. Their work communicates a message no matter what they create, which is especially true for product label design. Whether or not you’re a graphic designer by trade, business owner, or otherwise, the task of designing product labels is one of the most important jobs for companies who sell their products on shelves. Labels go beyond just informing customers of the product ingredients, name, and company. They can give customers insi

Why Understanding Generational Differences Will Improve Your Sales

In our recent webinar, we discussed how you can improve sales across generations. You might be able to relate to and sell more to a certain generation, but it’s important not to skip over other generations and miss out on impactful sales you could be making. It’s important with every marketing message you produce, every sales call you make, and every prospect you connect with to always know as much as you can about the needs and desires of that audience (even an audience of 1). One of the most i

A "Typical" Day In The Life Of A Social Worker

Even though every March is set aside as National Social Work Month, we love celebrating Social Workers throughout the year. This year’s theme for March was “leaders. advocates. champions.” We work hand in hand with Social Workers throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana and have recently interviewed a local Social Worker, Betty Bastin, to provide a deeper look into her profession and daily responsibilities. Social Workers throughout the United States work around the clock to meet the basic need